Medical Camp in a Slum

15 June 2009

The devotees had the opportunity to participate in seva for the poor at a housing colony in Gudimalkapur, Hyderabad. The residents, almost all of them rag pickers live in abject poverty in that area. The youth wing of Hyderabad ashram –Ayudh– has adopted this area & has plans to renovate this place.

The residents had queued up early & were waiting eagerly for the camp to start. The doctors & volunteers were soon busy as people kept pouring in at the camp. Eager children, most of them malnourished, even without their parents in tow had lined up to see the pediatricians. Patients needing surgery were referred to the consulting doctor’s hospitals for free surgeries. The doctors had seen about 750 patients that day & the pharmacists dispatched all the necessary medicine for all of the patients.

They could not believe that there was someone who cared for them. All the patients thanked Amma for the wonderful Medical camp.