Guru Purnima celebrations

Guru Purnima was celebrated in the Ashram on the 3rd of July, in which Amma’s children from Pune and around participated with devotion and fervour.

The day stated with Guru Ganesh havan at 6 am followed by Guru Paduka Puja and Archana by Swami Vidyamritananda in which the Devotees too did Manasa Puja. In his Satsang Swamji stressed on following the principles as lived and suggested by Amma.

In Anubhavamritam, two devotees shared their experiences with Amma. It was followed by colourful cultural programmes by students.As part of charitable activities, food grain kits were given to AmritaSanthwanam members and fruits were distributed to needy patients at YCM Hospital.

Bhajans was the programme at the end of the day.More than 300 devotees participated in the programmes.

Guru Paduka Puja