Amma has ushered in a new epoch in temple worship through her Brahmasthan temples. These temples have been consecrated by Amma Herself at various places in India and abroad. One of these temples is in Pune.

These temples symbolize the one God that manifests as various deities. One monolith is installed in the Sanctum-sanctorum (Garbhagrah) and on its four sides are carved the figures of Devi, Ganesh and Shivalinga and Rahu.


In a divine vision, Amma clearly saw how she could mitigate the miseries of modern man by reviving and revitalizing the age-old tradition of temple worship. The Brahmasthanam (the abode of Brahman) temple is the outcome of that divine vision. This new type of temple with a new mode of worship was created to alleviate human suffering, educate people in the true principle behind temple worship, show the unity underlying diversity and help unfold the divinity within each one of us. The worship in the Brahmasthanam temple focuses on the importance of unselfish love for God, the value of performance of worship and rituals performed by devotees themselves, the special power of congregational yagnas (collective worship), and the performance of daily pujas conducted according to the injunctions of the Shastras (scriptures).

Graha Dosh Nivaran Pooja

Graha Dosh Nivaran Poojas are performed in every month in the Brahmasthan temple order to alleviate the suffering caused by malefic planetary influences.

These Poojas are performed by the devotes themselves, under the instruction of a priest.

  • Mangal Pooja: at 7 p.m. on first Friday
  • Rahu Pooja: at 7 p.m. on first Saturday
  • Shani Pooja: at 7 p.m. on second Saturday

Participants are not required to bring any pooja material. But they are required to be present for the pooja.

Apart from the Grah Dosh Nivaran Poojas, following Poojas and Havans are also conducted at the request of the devotees.


  • Ganapati Havan
  • Maha Ganapati Havan
  • Mrityunjaya Havan
  • Maha Sudarshan Havan
  • Sudarshan Havan
  • Nava Grah Havan
  • Maha Nava Grah Havan
  • Til Havan
  • Havan for single Graha


  • Anna Prasham
  • Vidyarambham
  • Marriage

Other Poojas and Offerings

  • One Time Pooja
  • One Day Pooja (Udayastamana)
  • Janma Nakshatra Pooja
  • Vidya Pooja – Inside Temple
  • Vidya Pooja (Saraswati Pooja)
  • Mahalakshmi Pooja – Inside Temple
  • Mahalakshmi Pooja -detailed
  • Kali Pooja/ Bhagavati Seva
  • Dress for Devi (Silk)
  • Til Jyoti for Shani

Vahana Poojas

  • Heavy Vehicles
  • Four Wheelers
  • Two Wheelers

Kali Pooja

Kali Pooja is performed every month on the day of Amma’s birth-star, ‘Kartika’.

Vaastu Shanti and other Poojas and Havans will be performed at the houses of devotees upon special booking.

For further details contact Math Office.